White Crane Hall


Mondays:  New Beginning Tai Chi/Chi Gung (Cheng Man Ching form) starting March 6, 2017 6:15-7:15pm  
Tuesdays: Tai Chi(Cheng Man Ching form) 10:15-11:15am.  Tai Chi Push Hands 11:20am-12:20pm
Wednesdays: Tai Chi(Cheng Man Ching form) 6:15-7:15pm.  Tai-Chi Push Hands practice 7:20-8:20pm  
Saturdays: Reiki Healing Practice Meet-up: 1st & 3rd Saturdays. Cost: $10 10:00-11:30am

Reiki Healing Sessions available by appointment. Private training in Reiki, Tai-Chi/Chi Gung, and Remote Viewing also ($40 per hour). Sessions and Training's take place at "White Crane Hall"

Reiki I 

Reiki II 

Reiki III

Remote Viewing workshop

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