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Reiki defined: Rei (pronounced "Ray") means "universal intelligence or universal mind"  Ki (pronounced "Key") is the same as Chi in Chinese, meaning "life force energy." So Reiki is about connecting with this higher mind and letting it direct life-force energy for healing and transformation (of yourself and others). It is a laying-on-of-hands type of healing, though often the work is done off the surface of the body. Sometimes it is even done at a distance, which is called Reiki Distance Healing.

Receiving a session is a great way to release stress patterns at all levels. It can be very soothing, healing, and transformative. The session is usually done on a Reiki/Massage table with the client fully clothed.

Michael's sessions are on a sliding scale of $40.00 – $60.00 for a private one-hour session. Reiki students of mine receive a discount price of $40 per session.

There are three levels. All levels include meditations and attunements that help connect you with the energy of Reiki.

Level I: is two 3.5 hr workshops in length and trains you in self-healing with Reiki. We learn how to bring this energy into our lives and into our bodies, allowing it to clear and harmonize our whole selves. We also start to share this energy with others. Using Byosen scanning, the areas that need attention show themselves to us so we know where to send Reiki. I'll also share my knowledge of the best ways to draw this energy to you as well as move it into and through others. How to build a positive relationship with Reiki will also be discussed. And finally, we'll begin working with the first Reiki Symbol. Cost: $60.00 per 3.5hr workshop.

Level II: also made up of two 3.5hr workshops and finishes the class requirements for Reiki Practitioner Certification. You must have taken Reiki I. as a prerequisite for this course. We learn to give full-body Reiki sessions on a table and we train to practice Reiki Distance Healing. We work with the other two Traditional Reiki symbols to concentrate the energy and send this information to  the different parts of the self, such as the physical, emotional, and mental aspects. For Certification it will be necessary that you to give 15 hrs of Reiki to other people (and document your experience) or complete the hours at the Reiki Practice Class held on the first and third Saturdays of the month from 10:00-11:30am. As well as receive three Reiki sessions from a Reiki Practitioner or Master Practitioner (also with documentation of your experience).  In Level II, I will share information on how to create your own Reiki practice, and we'll explore what it means to be a Reiki Healing professional. When your course of study is complete, you will receive a  Reiki Practitioner Certificate. Cost: $60.00 per workshop.

Level lll: (The White Crane Reiki Master Course) trains you to be a Reiki Instructor. This course combines Traditional Japanese Usui Reiki with Unlimited Reiki, Shamanic Reiki, and Chi Gong Healing for an intensive powerful informative life changing series of workshops. We learn the ancient method of  attuning others to Reiki using the Breath, Intent, and the Reiki Symbols; lead guided meditations to prepare students for the attunements; and gain more mastery of the art of Reiki, through advanced meditations, Chi Gong, breathing techniques, and healing methods such as Koki Ho (healing with the breath), and Gyoshi Ho (healing with the eyes). This course is about fifteen to eighteen hours long and is divided into five classes. At the end of the last class you will receive a Reiki Master Teacher Certificate. Cost: $500

Spiritual Healing Class will be on the 1st & 3rd Saturdays of the month. From 10:00-11:30am. Cost $10.00 per class. All are welcome.

Reiki I       “Shirt Factory” 77 Cornell St. Kingston #116.

Reiki II

Reiki III 
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