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Location: 77 Cornell St Suite 116 Kingston, NY
White Crane Hall

Remote Viewing

Everyone is psychic. You only need a good structured framework from which to explore and develop your skills. Remote Viewing(RV) is one of the best formats for doing this as it uses science based learning and testing protocols. The Government and Stanford Research Institute spent about 25 years at a cost of many millions of dollars engaged in, research, development, and active intelligence gathering using RV. In there research they found that the best viewing happens when the viewer knows absolutely nothing about the target. The more information given to a viewer before hand, the more the viewer’s conscious mind tends to interfere and attempt to control a process that’s best left up to the part of the self that has access to information which is beyond the scope of the personal ego.

RV allows us to perceive/experience information (sights, sounds, sensations, tastes, smells,as well as emotional, aesthetic, and mental impressions) about a life-form, place, event, concept, or thing (The Target) without knowing what the target is before we start viewing! Some of these experiences can be quite profound such as a bilocation where you feel and perceive as if you were at the target site itself or you might experience what the Target is experiencing. If you practice RV for awhile you began to know rather than believe or disbelieve that you and the totality of the universe are in some way interconnected. And this understanding will change you. 

For more information about RV read any of Joseph McMoneagle’s books or check out Ingo Swann’s website for a long detailed history of its early origin.

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