About Michael


Michael Porter started his study of Tai-Chi in the early eighties, and he's had a continuous Tai-Chi practice ever since then. Most of his Tai-Chi instruction has been in the Cheng Man Ching "Yang" style through Jane and Bataan Faigao, students of Cheng and long-time Tai-Chi instructors at the Naropa Institute and "Rocky Mountain Tai-Chi," their own school based in Boulder, Colorado. Michael has also taken many classes and workshops from senior students of Cheng as well as teachers from other styles. He taught his first class in 1995 and has been teaching continuously in the Kingston area since 2001. His teaching style focuses on building a good foundation in the principles and correct body alignment, along with helping students understand and apply the internal mind/body training necessary for true Tai-Chi energy/awareness development.

After receiving his 1st and 2nd Reiki attunements in the late eighties and becoming a Reiki practitioner, he went on to study many forms of bodywork. In 2000 he received his Reiki Instructor certificate and in 2009 continued his study of Traditional Reiki with Lorri Salluzzi, gaining a more in-depth understanding of how to teach and certify people in Traditional Reiki. He continues to study and recently received his  Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner Certificate From Author and Shaman  Llyn Roberts. He graduated from the Boulder School of Massage Therapy in 1996 and was certified as a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist in 2006. He is also a minister of the Universal Life Church. He brings  an eclectic blend of ancient and modern understanding to his teaching and healing ministry.

From the early to late eighties Michael studied Chi- Gung, Chi-Gung Healing, Taoist meditation, and Tai-Chi with Ken Cohen (Taoist Priest and well known Chi-Gung author). Some other instructors include; James MacRitchie (Chi-Kung author and Acupuncturist at the Body Energy Center in Boulder Colorado); Dru Drulin (student of the famous Chi-Gung Master Shi Ming). A great video of Shi Ming can be seen on "You Tube". The video was part of Bill Moyers "Healing and the Mind" series.

He began his adventure in Remote Viewing in 2004 after some extensive trainings with David Morehouse that forever changed his life!. Since then he has continued his practice at home and on-line.

Michael enjoys learning and sharing what he has learned, and is passionate about helping others build powerful connections to their most deepest life nourishing  resources.