Artist Statement and Gallery of work.

 In 1981 Michael Porter graduated from Frostburg State College at Frostburg Maryland with a degree in the Fine Arts. He contiued to study Art at East Texas Sate Universtity for two semesters.
 “Fairly early on in my art studies I developed a love for the intuitive explorations found in contemporary art. I like the mystery, quirkiness, and fun I can create through abstraction. I enjoy collecting things, some of which might be a foundation for an art object or go into a painting.   I almost never decide ahead of time how things will be. I only know when, “yes I want this” or “delete!” or “something is here but not sure what yet”, makes itself  known as the work comes to life. It's a continuous back and forth visual dialogue with the work. My Art is mostly about mucking around in the creative process until the “little me” pulls something from the unconscious  mind that it likes and then follows/shapes  that something into a more fully realized form and expression.” 

My work is shown at the Rogal Gallery.


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