The  Chinese say that "whoever practices T'ai-chi, correctly and regularly,  twice a day over a period of time, will gain the pliability of a child,  the health of a lumberjack, and the peace of mind of the sage."

In Tai-Chi (a form of Chi Gong) we focus our relaxed mind on our body  and being, bringing awakening presence and aliveness to every cell.  Relaxation is an act of surrender without collapse, a continuing process  that opens us up to our whole self. We gently lengthen our spine and  sink our upright body's center rooting it through the legs deep into the  ground. Borrowing from the natural movement of  breath we draw the  energy from heaven and earth focusing it and cultivating it with a  loving attentive presence in our core center (the "lower Tantien" in Chinese and the "Tanden"  in Japanese). Then, using awareness, we mobilize the energy or"Chi" to  move the body through the numerous postures that make up the Tai-Chi  form. It is a like the rhythmic flowing of the ocean. It is stillness in  motion. It creates a mass integration and organization of the mind, the  body, and the Chi. What a wonderful art. With Tai-Chi we engage the  profound ideas of Taoism and ancient Chinese Medicine in a practical  fitness and healing methodology.

Michael offers the following classes:


Cheng Man Ching's "Yang" Style Form: a slow-moving even-paced medium-length form that follows the basic Yang style principles. Included in the class is some of C.M.C.'s internal training to develop the Heart Mind and cultivate the chi. Also included  are some Chi Gung movements to help build core spinal/torso support.  There are 37 postures and many of them are repeated to create a 64-movement form.  

 Push-Hands Practice:  The Tai  Chi form cultivates relaxed fully present highly structured organized grounded power. In push hands we learn yielding, neutralizing, and sinking another person's incoming strength through our own body's upright structure, borrowing their power (which means they no longer  have it!), creating within us a natural dynamic spring like force (like a drawn bow), and then shooting  that power back to them (like an arrow) though their center via a path of least  resistance. Even when we attack we are still yielding, neutralizing, and  borrowing any resistance that arises. Eventually all of this can happen in an instant! In Push Hands the more present, relaxed (not limp!), sensitive, and correct you are in  your structure and application, the more success and improvement you will see unfold. It is  a natural, relaxed, two-person practice that can be spirited at times but is also fun and non-aggressive. It is a sport as well as the foundation for connecting with Tai-Chi as a martial art. All the Tai-Chi principles apply to Push Hands.


 In these classes we learn to grow, to embody our natural whole selves, and to become more fit, relaxed, and happy! People of all ages and abilities can come together and build a personal practice while being connected in community. Contact Michael Porter with any questions.

Michael's Prices

$25.00 per month: 1 class a week           
$35.00 per month: 2 classes a week or                
$10.00 per class

All Tai Chi classes are one hour.

Private Instruction for either Tai Chi/Chi Gung/Chi Gung healing or Reiki is available for $40.00 dollars an hour. 

Class Schedule

Tai Chi Form and Chi Gung class is held on Monday Evenings at 6:15pm-7:15pm

Tai Chi Push hands class is held after the form class at 7:20pm-8:20pm


320 Sawkill Rd, Kingston NY 12401 in the UUCC Sanctuary